Greetings Members, 

Donors and Friends of The Lewis Museum! 

I am Terri Lee Freeman, the new Executive Director of the Museum. I am so excited about building the Museum and further establishing it as a central hub for the historical record of African Americans in Maryland and our contributions to the broader regional and national culture. More specifically, The Lewis should represent well the individual whose name it bears — Baltimore native, Reginald F. Lewis. 

Over the coming months, I anticipate that we will do just that, and I hope to meet many of you and gather insight on what stakeholders and the broader community would like from The Museum. While we gather that information, the museum will continue to move forward telling the rich stories of American history too often relegated to the 28 (29 if we’re lucky!) days of February. We will present quality programming that incorporates the historic and the contemporary. We will highlight the experiences of iconic business leaders, titans of industry, and creative entrepreneurs of today’s gig economy. We will showcase the rich arts and culture community that resides within Maryland. And with intentionality, The Lewis will become a safe space for uncomfortable yet necessary conversations around race, equity, inclusion, and power. It is only through these types of discussions that we will move beyond recognition of these issues to acknowledgment, understanding, and action! 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, our doors are open Thursday through Sunday. Our permanent exhibition tells the story of 400 years of African American history in Maryland. While our two current changing exhibitions, Freedom Bound and Make Good Trouble: Marching for Change demonstrate how Black people have and continue to resist oppression. While Freedom Bound: Runaways of the Chesapeake tells the harrowing story of enslaved people seeking freedom during the period of 1724-1864, Make Good Trouble tells the story of the continued fight and struggle for civil and human rights through the protests signs and art created in response to social injustices during this 21st century. So, if you haven’t considered this your personal invitation to come to visit us and learn about the history that continues to be made here in Maryland. 

I am excited to begin this journey with you. Thank you for your past and your continued support! 


Terri Lee Freeman 
Executive Director