Dandy Lion: Articulating a Re(de)fined Black Masculine Identity

Guest curated by Shantrelle P. Lewis, Dandy Lion: Articulating a Re(de)fined Black Masculine Identity challenges popular notions of urban black masculinity by presenting contemporary expressions of the black dandy. “A Dandy Lion is a gentleman of exceptional manners who consciously postulates what it means to be black, masculine and of quintessential style,” states Lewis.

In Dandy Lion, twenty emerging photographers and filmmakers from across the African Diaspora spotlight young black men who defy the myth of the black male as “thug.” With swagger as his point of departure, a Dandy Lion engages both African aesthetics and elements of European fashion. Noticeably different from the historical minstrel or the Harlem Renaissance prototype, this new dandy is a product of the hip hop generation. Dandy Lion celebrates these elegant gentlemen and provides a new lens on black masculinity with images of alternative modes of dress, comportment and lifestyle. Among the photographers included are Hanif Abdur-Rahim, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Delphine Fawundu-Buford, Russell K. Frederick, Jati Lindsay, and Radcliffe Roye.

Sunday, January 29 to Sunday, May 13