Photography / Video and Film Policy

For General Public:

Visitors are permitted to take photographs without flash in the second floor Special Exhibition Galleries and third floor Permanent Galleries unless noted otherwise.  
Failure to comply with this policy may cause you to be escorted from the area.

For Media:

  • A staff member must be present at all times with members of the media.
  • Media must make requests to the museum’s Marketing and Public Relations Department at 443-263-1812 to photograph or videotape in any of the museum’s galleries. Requests will be approved when permissible.

For Special Photography (including film and videotape projects):

Videotaping in the museum is not permitted without advance written permission to the museum. All requests for special photography, lighting set-up, videotaping, etc. must be directed to the Marketing and Public Relations contact, Helen Yuen at, or 443-263-1812.