Official Statement on the Removal of Confederate Monuments and Markers in Maryland


Baltimore, Maryland - The Reginald F. Lewis Museum strongly agrees with Maryland’s decision to remove vestiges of history that serve to subjugate a group of citizens based on race. We are proud that our state recognizes that history needs to be told within context and reflect the full experience of its citizens. While we will always champion history and art, we must work together as a community to make sure those monuments and markers that celebrate controversial Civil War figures are displayed in places suitable for a full interpretation of their place in history. As Maryland’s African American history museum dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of information and as a stalwart organization of social change, the Lewis will be hosting a public forum, Talks & Thoughts: The Long Arm of History – Monuments and Statues Really Do Matter, around the events in Charlottesville and the removal of Confederate statues in Maryland this Saturday August 19th at 2pm. Our hope is that the events that have occurred this week continue to spark meaningful dialog and change.