Lessons on the Ruth Starr Rose Exhibition

Grades 3-5

Students will analyze several different versions of Madonna and Child in order to practice constructing generalizations.

Six-word Memoirs
students will create Six-Word Memoirs based on Ruth Starr Rose’s works of art. This way of writing short memoirs was inspired by the legendary writer, Ernest Hemingway, who was once challenged to write a novel in just six words.

Ruth Starr Rose’s Perspective as Told through Her Art
Students will make inferences about several works of art created by Ruth Starr Rose by analyzing the images.

Grade 8

Using Art to Teach Historical Inquiry
Students will use art to practice historical thinking.

Ruth Starr Rose: An American Story
Students will analyze, interpret, and discuss powerful images of Negro spirituals created by Ruth Starr Rose in order to create a personal spiritual-inspired artwork of their own.

Grades 9-12

Whose Story is Being Told?
Students will examine three of Ruth Starr Rose’s paintings from the 1940s in order to better understand the experiences of African Americans living on the Eastern Shore during World War II.