Through a Lens Darkly Screening + Digital Diaspora Family Reunion



(92 mins) Through a Lens Darkly is the first documentary to explore the American family photo album through the eyes of black photographers. The film probes the recesses of American history to discover images that have been suppressed, forgotten and lost. From slavery to the present, these extraordinary images unveil a world confronting the difficult edges of citizenship and what it means to be human. NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Documentary Film 2015. "CRITIC’S PICK! inexhaustibly fascinating subject" - New York Times

Post-Film Digital Diaspora Family Reunion with Filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris

Post-screening, participants will have the opportunity to share family photos and stories about their own experiences during a digital diaspora family reunion with filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris. Digital Diaspora Family Reunion and the 1World1Family social media campaign - the companion transmedia project to Through A Lens Darkly - engages audiences to discover connections between their own family archives and the film’s historical narrative, thus creating new communal linkages that underlie our common humanity.

Audiences may share their stories and family photographs, on cellphones or as actual photos, projected on a large screen. The atmosphere created, with music and intimate revelations, is that of a sacred space, where strangers are transformed into family. People laugh, cry, hug, make new connections, discover new insights and generally come away with a very deep appreciation for our connections with each other as fellow travelers on the great journey of life. It is as beautiful as it is precious!

Museum Café open 5:30 - 8:30pm. $8; $5 for students.

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Through a Lens Darkly
Date and Time
Friday, October 2, 6:00 pm
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For more information call 443-263-1816